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In response to the continued spread of the Novel Coronavirus, most countries are restricting and enforcing borders to travelers from overseas.
The terms and conditions are constantly being revised and travelers are advised to check the conditions constantly throughout their trip.

skyticket shall not be held liable and/or responsible for any circumstances for failures of entries/transits to countries due to immigration or travel restrictions.
Travelers are advised to check the travel restrictions with the embassy or consulate of their destination country before booking their flight(s).

Restrictions for Entry into Japan
New measures have been implemented to reinforce border control in Japan.
Travelers are advised to check the latest information before returning to Japan.

Due to heightened border control and quarantine measures, travelers may be required to wait on board the aircraft or at the airport for extended periods upon arrival.
Travelers with no health issues are also required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Japan.

The waiting period upon entry into Japan may be exempted or shortened in the case of returnees and entrants from designated countries/regions depending on their vaccination history (subject to specific conditions).
Travelers with domestic connections in Japan are required to check the availability of the connecting flights directly with the airline(s) they are connecting to.
* Waiting periods vary depending on vaccination and other requirements

Detailed information are available via the official websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Travels from Japan to Overseas / Overseas to Third Countries
Quarantine systems have been strengthened in most airports overseas. Restrictions on entry, transit, PCR negative certificates, quarantine on arrival and activities during stay are imposed in some countries and regions depending on the country of origin and the nationality of the traveler.

Wearing a mask or face shield is obligatory depending on the airline and destination.
The measures outlined above are updated on a daily basis. Depending on the status of the pandemic, travelers may be denied boarding even if they have all the necessary travel documentation.

All terms and conditions stipulated herein are subject to change without prior notice.
Travelers are advised to check the official websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the airports, the embassies and consulates and the health authorities of the countries they are traveling to.

Vaccine Passports and Exclusive Flights for Vaccinated Travelers
Vaccine Passports (Certificate of Vaccination) may be required for entry, exit and boarding requirements.
Completion of the new coronavirus vaccination may exempt travelers from quarantine and isolation upon arrival in some countries and some carriers offer flights only to those who have been vaccinated.

As all conditions are subject to change without notice, travelers are advised to check with the embassies and airlines before booking and before departure.

* The Vaccine Passport (Certificate of Vaccination) is an official proof of vaccination against the New Coronavirus vaccine
Eligibility criteria, application procedures, documents to be submitted and the length of time required for application vary according to nationality and purpose.
Further details can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Please contact your local authority if you have further queries.

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